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Interpretation of character and fate from the study of a person's face is called 'Physiognomy' or 'Face reading'. It is obvious that when we meet an unknown person, we try to understand his feelings by looking at his face.

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1. Parents region:
The position where the hair starts at the top of forehead represents parents and the person's relationship with them. If this area is smooth and shining, the person's parents are fortunate in matters of health and career and the person's childhood is filled with happiness. If this area is indented or with dull skin color then the person's parents face troubles during his childhood.

2. Career and Success region:
We have this area below the Parents region and above the eyebrows. If this position is good, gently rounded and bright, it represents good career prospects and early settlement in the career. If this area is indented or hollow and dark in color, it shows the person's intelligence will not help him in his career and misfortune from his 21st to 25th years.

3. Life region:
This area lies between the eyebrows. If it is firm, bright, gently rounded, then it symbolizes a successful career after 27th year of age. It represents a friendly person with positive attitude towards life. If the space between eyebrows is wide and eyebrows are thick the person earn good money and his longevity is also good. If the eyebrows are closer and there is a hair line connecting the two eyebrows, it is a sign of negative mind who is obstinate and unforgiving. If this Life region is dull or any colors found there, it represents unhappiness in career and poor health.

4. Middle age region:
This region starts at center of the eyes and covers till the end of the nose tip. Any cross lines, patches and black spots in this region represent ill health and problems with the spouse in the middle age.

5. Love and Emotional region:
This is the area below the two eyes. If this area is bright, bulgy and rounded, the person will have deep emotional involvement. He or she will fall in love easily and whole heartedly. If this area has wrinkles or low and not smooth, then the person faces failures in love affairs due to selfishness or over indulgence.

6. Fertility and children region:
This area represents the groove which connects the nose with the center of the upper lip. This is also called philtrum. A long, broad and deep philtrum indicates good fertility and ability to have children. It also represents long life. When the philtrum is low or flat, it represents less energy and childlessness. A short philtrum represents early death.

7. Old age region:
This is the region below the lower lip which is also called the chin. If this area is strong, rounded and spacious, it represents happiness in old age after 60th year. If this area is low with a weak jaw and dark hue, it indicates unhappy and friendless old age. It also represents dangers of drowning, poisoning, and food or water born diseases.

Shapes of faces:
Round shaped faces are also called Moon faces. They represent laziness, lack of energy, imaginative and jovial persons. They love good food and highly domestic.

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Square shaped faces are called Earth faces. They represent a tough and aggressive person, offensive and sociable. They are suitable for works where more muscular energy is required.

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Rectangular faces represent a honest, diplomatic and leadership qualities. They are suitable for professions as top level executives and officials.

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We can also have triangular faces. An upright triangle which starts with narrow area at the forehead and comes down widening, represents Fire face. This is a symbol for anger, low talent but boastful, and rough person.

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An inverted triangle which becomes narrowed at the chin, is also called Air face. This signifies a cheerful, bright temperament, hyperactive and sensitive person. This type of face indicates disturbed married life. Visit Us @ www.MumbaiHangOut.Org
Side Profile of face:
A straight face represents a person whose nature is balanced.
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A concave face represents a person who sees dark side of life. Visit Us @ www.MumbaiHangOut.Org
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If a straight horizontal line is drawn from the corner of the eye towards the ear, it should just touch the ear's upper portion. If the ear is located above the straight line, it denotes the person is of refined nature. Visit Us @ www.MumbaiHangOut.Org
Ear set low below the line and close to the head represents criminal tendencies. Visit Us @ www.MumbaiHangOut.Org
If the ear is erected out from the head, with much gap between the head and ear, the person depends on inner self to gain success.

A high and even forehead with a good shining gives a person intelligence and a rich life to enjoy. Any black shades or black creases on forehead represents obstacles in his career. Three clear horizontal lines on the forehead give longevity.

If the eyebrows are set apart, it represents broad mindedness.
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Eyebrows close to each other represent critical minded person who expects exactness in every work. Visit Us @ www.MumbaiHangOut.Org
If the eyebrows are high set, then it denotes an irresponsible attitude and superior tastes. Visit Us @ www.MumbaiHangOut.Org
If the eyebrows are low set and nearer to the eyelids, then they represent a prudent and calculative nature and an insecure mind. Visit Us @ www.MumbaiHangOut.Org
If the eyebrows are like a straight line, the person will become practical and unimaginative.

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The colored circular portion of the eye is called 'iris'. If these irisis float too high, we will have an unstable and disturbed person. He is not trust worthy. Sometimes it denotes premature death.

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If the irisis sink too low in the eye, a cruel and perverse nature is indicated.

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If the iris is large, thus occupying much of the space in the eye , the person cannot hide affections and emotions.

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If the iris is small, and hence the white portion of the eye is much seen, then the person is secretive.

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If the gap between the two eyes is large, the person is expansive and communicative.

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If the eyes are closely set, then the person will be criticising others, and will not demonstrate his feelings.

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Color of Eyes:
A dark eye denotes a forceful nature than a light colored one. Light blue colored eyes represent flirtation. Deep blue is a sign of gentle love. Brown eyed people are devoted in love and friendship. Hazel eyes represent a highly impressionable and affectionate type. Grey represents good intellect and imagination. Green eyes denote an inventive and adaptable nature. Black eyes provide passion and tenderness.

If the nose is long, the person will be proud of his accomplishments. If short nose is found, we will have a free person escaping from responsibility. Broad nose gives stability of mind.
Nose tilted up with nostrils visible represents a spendthrift and emotional person.

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The size of the upper lip represents the ability to love and the size of lower lip represents need for love.

If the lip corners are turned up, cheerful and friendly disposition is seen.

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If the lip corners are turned down, irresolute person with depression can be seen.

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Full and broad lips show sensuous tendency. Thin lips show brevity and concise behaviour of the person. He will also be a learned person.

A large mouth is a sign of outgoing and extroverted person. A small mouth represents introverted, careful and cautious people.

A narrow, pointed or weak chin represents less energy and drive. They face problems in old age. A broad, round chin is symbolic of generosity and good humour. A broad and square shaped chin makes the person work hard. It is a mark of steadiness.

A strong and deep jaw line just below the ear lobe represents the person has good will power and energy. Weak jaw indicates flexibility.

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When the soul creates its body in the mother's womb, and slowly limb by limb is formed, the interactions of previous birth's instincts with the soul lead to alterations in the outer body. So by observing the outer body, we can estimate the inner self of the person.